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Here at Harmony Dental, we keep up-to-date with the latest advances in dentistry to provide you with the best possible treatments and options. Here are some of the technologies we regularly use to provide the best oral care for you and your family:

Digital x-rays

Digital radiography is a new technology that forms an alternative to the traditional x-rays that use photographic film. Enabled by an electronic sensor instead, digital x-rays capture and store the digital image on a computer, which can then be viewed instantly and enlarged for detailed viewing. Not only do digital x-rays provide clearer results and quicker turnaround times, they produce significantly less radiation than their traditional counterparts.

Intraoral camera

If you’ve always wanted to see what we’re seeing and inspect the final results post-treatment, our intraoral camera gives you that chance. As we move a small video camera and a built-in light source around your mouth, you can literally see the video images on the computer screen. This advanced piece of equipment allows us to show you exactly what we’re talking about, so you can understand the condition of your teeth and be informed when making treatment decisions. We can also take before and after photos.

Occlusal splint

This appliance is designed to “deprogram” the muscles controlling jaw position. This is achieved by having a bite situation that has no set place where the teeth mesh. As the brain realizes there are no interferences in the bite, it automatically allows the jaw muscles to relax. As these muscles relax so to can their antagonistic (opposite acting) muscles relax at the same time. A lot of these are in the back of the neck; these often cause neck pain and so called tension headaches. These presenting symptoms often fade very quickly as the appliance is worn. It can be used at the onset of headaches and neck pain to prevent them intensifying.