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White fillings are used to restore and replace old fillings and also to restore decayed teeth in patients, made from a combination of glass and tooth-coloured materials. Also known as a composite filling, the material is permanently fixed into the tooth to fill the hole created while removing all decayed tooth matter.

In years past, black metal amalgam, which is highly visible to the eye, was used to fill such cavities. Many people will still have these present in their mouths. However, it has since been proven that white fillings are a welcomed alternative.

Benefits of White Fillings

The popularity of cosmetic dentistry has endeared the concept of enhancing smile aesthetics to a new generation of dental patients. This can easily be evidenced from the growing number of patients who are opting for white composite fillings. The reason for choosing the modern alternative to unsightly dental amalgams, however, goes beyond the obvious benefit of keeping your smile white.

White composite fillings (or simply white fillings) represent a new form of dental treatment for cavities. Patients with newly developed cavities choose white fillings for their technologically advanced properties, direct bonding method and more aesthetic appearance.

Patients with amalgam fillings can also replace the older standard materials with composite fillings. Some patients choose to remove their silver amalgam fillings due to health concerns or aesthetic reasons. Here are some of the benefits that composite white fillings offer:

  • Allows more of the original tooth to be saved.
  • Smaller filling required.
  • Colour closely matches natural teeth.
  • More practical.

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