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Enjoy Whiter Teeth and a more Confident Smile

Enjoy Whiter Teeth and a more Confident Smile

Create a better first impression with a brighter smile.

Teeth unfortunately don’t stay white forever. They can discolour due to age, trauma, medications, smoking, staining foods and drinks. Tooth whitening is a highly effective method of treating discoloured, stained or yellowed teeth. In recent years, it has become a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure for those wishing to get their pearly whites looking bright and beautiful again. Teeth whitening works by bleaching the teeth to lighten the colour and remove tarnishes.

Are my teeth suitable for tooth whitening?

The best way to find out if your teeth are suitable for whitening is to book a consultation with one of Harmony’s dental professionals. He or she will talk you through the causes of your discoloured teeth, and will be able to help you make an informed decision about which treatment option may work best.

We can provide a cost estimate which will include health fund rebates and any out of pocket costs, if applicable.

All new patients will require an examination and scale and clean prior to teeth whitening. Existing patients may require an oral hygiene visit before undertaking whitening procedures. This is to ensure that all our patients not only maximise the results from their whitening treatments but are also dentally healthy before whitening as your complete dental health is our priority.

What Whitening materials do you use?

We at Harmony Dental, use Pola Tooth Whitening Products.

Pola Office+ In House Whitening system and Day and Night White Take Home Kits.

Pola Office+ In House

This procedure is safely carried out in the dental chair by our trained Dental Professionals. We allow up to 90 minutes, but the actual whitening time is much less.

We take before and after photos with a shade reference so that you can instantly see the amazing results of your whiter teeth. It is possible to achieve up to 8 shades whiter with In House Office+

In-Chair Teeth Whitening Morley | Harmony Dental

Pola Day White or Pola Night White

This procedure involves taking impressions of your teeth to custom make take home whitening trays.

This option includes a take home kit of either; 10 tubes of whitening gel to be used for 60 minutes during the day or 10 tubes of whitening gel to be used at night whilst you are sleeping.

Our Dental Professionals will demonstrate how to use the whitening systems correctly and answer all of your questions before you commence your whitening.

Combo System

This option is the best system to maintain your ongoing whitening by combining both the In House and Take-Home Trays options.

Speak to your friendly Dental Team about this option and if it is suitable for you.

Call us today to schedule a consultation where we can determine your suitability for teeth whitening treatment, and discuss which methods will best meet your needs. On 9275 8322.


Is Pola Whitening Safe?

Yes. Clinical Studies have shown that the Pola Whitening Systems with Carbamide or Hydrogen Peroxide, where used correctly under the application or the instruction of Dental Professional, is safe for teeth and gums.

How long will the whitening last?

This depends on the individual and their oral health habits. Everyone’s teeth are unique and discolour and stain in different ways. The discolouration or staining of a person’s tooth is typically caused by; Smoking, Coffee, Black Tea, Herbal Tea, Red Wine, Coloured foods such as Curry, Beetroot and Berries.

Whitening can be repeated every 6 months or less for Take Home Trays and yearly if needed for In House Whitening. Your teeth may start to re-stain by the same things that caused them to discolour in the first place. Speak to your Dental Professional to discuss touch up options.

Having regular scale and cleans will help to remove any extrinsic stains.

Are there any side effects?

When following the instructions from Dental Professionals along with instructions for use of Pola Products, the majority of users will have no side effects. However, some will experience temporary sensitivity (dull or sharp, sensitivity to hot or cold). Products such as Tooth Mousse Plus, Soothe and sensitive toothpastes can assist with desensitising and provide comfort in most instances. Avoidance of carbonated drinks and citrus fruits can also decrease sensitivity.

How long does it take to whiten my teeth?

In-House Whitening procedures may take up to 90 minutes in the dental chair. You will leave the chair with your teeth up to 3 to 8 shades whiter.

Take Home Day or Night White whitening treatments can take approximately 5- 14 days, depending on the initial colour of your teeth, based on a daily application regime.

Will my crowns and fillings whiten too?

Whitening will only lighten natural tooth and sometimes remove stain off existing fillings but it won’t change their original shade. If the fillings or crowns in your mouth are dark and cosmetically not pleasing to you, they can be changed a few weeks after completing your whitening process. If required, we can discuss options and provide estimates to help you achieve the appearance that you are happy with.

Is teeth whitening safe during pregnancy?

It is not recommended to use teeth whitening products during pregnancy as there is limited research in this area.